We are Spoonful

We help people manage chronic health conditions with food. In 2019, we launched a label scanner app for IBS patients on the low-FODMAP diet, and in 2020, we'll be working on new paths for other conditions.

We're firm believers in the food is medicine movement and strive to help more chronic disease patients find relief and happiness through food.

Our Team

3 Mighty Spoons

Deepa Krishnan
CEO, Founder

Deepa is a lifelong vegetarian. She never planned to restrict even more items from her diet, but in 2006, when her doctor explained that her physical symptoms were likely caused by food reactivity, she was hooked. Since then, Deepa has managed her health, including a heart condition and asthma, almost exclusively pill free through diet and exercise.

She believes food is medicine and food is joy (everything in balance!) and can often be found indulging in sweet treats around the Bay Area with her two young boys and ever supportive husband.

Sam Laber
CMO, Founder

Sam began a modified diet at age 9 after he was diagnosed with a mild case of Tourette’s Syndrome. To lessen the severity of ticks, he was urged to cut out caffeine, refined sugar and artificial dyes. But since telling a kid he can’t have sweets is one thing short of taking away video games, his mom introduced “special treat Thursday”, a once-a-week cheat day headlined by an indulgent after school snack.

Through diet and exercise, Sam has been able to keep his Tourette’s in check for over 20 years (while still affording himself the occasional special treat day).

Joe Fong
Founding Engineer

Joe is a software enthusiast that has always enjoyed working on applications that combine helping people and solving complex problems. He considers himself a 'builder' and whether it is code or a hammer, Joe enjoys the challenges of finding innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Our Clinicians

A Table-ful of Experts

Joanna Baker, APD
Australia / New Zealand

Joanna is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & a Registered Nurse who loves food. At Everyday Nutrition, she works exclusively in gut health and food intolerance. She aims to help people enjoy food with as much variety as possible while keeping their tummy happy at the same time.

Vanessa Vargas, RD

Vanessa Vargas is a FODMAP trained dietitian in Bend, Oregon. She specializes in gastrointestinal nutrition with a focus on irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, inflammatory bowel diseases, and nutrition support.

Vanessa had suffered for years with IBS before discovering the low-FODMAP diet. She enjoys teaching other IBS sufferers how to navigate the low FODMAP diet with individual nutrition counseling and contributing to the FODMAP community with articles, grocery lists, and more.

Audrey Inouye, RD

Audrey Inouye is a Monash FODMAP-Trained Dietitian, author of The 28-Day Plan for IBS Relief: 100 Simple Low FODMAP Recipes to Soothe Symptoms of IBS, and owner of IBSNutrition.com

The focus of her practice is to help people with digestive symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome, and food intolerances. She is passionate about making low FODMAP eating quick, easy and delicious! Based in Edmonton, Canada, she provides online programs and video/in-person counselling across the country.

Liz McMahon, RD

Liz is a Registered Dietitian who focuses on digestive health. She has completed FODMAP training through Monash University and loves seeing the benefit her IBS patients have with this diet!

Liz has been in the nutrition field for over 10 years, working at a top hospital in Philadelphia as a Clinical Dietitian for the past 5 years. She also runs her own private practice, Liz McMahon Nutrition, where she provides virtual nutrition counseling to clients with a range of gastrointestinal disorders.

Jas Saurai, RD
United Kingdom

Jas is a UK Registered Dietitian passionate about helping people build a more positive and healthy relationship between food and their body.

Since 2011, she has been working in the nutrition field helping individuals of all ages with complex clinical conditions, such as IBS.

Jas is trained in the low FODMAP diet (an evidenced-based approach) and loves helping others understand the diet and gain relief from their symptoms. Many say that their life has been changed, and they can finally lead a more comfortable life.