In the latest Spoonful app release, we now provide support for multiple diets.

Today, we’re excited to announce Spoonful Premium! For $2.99 USD / mo, premium users receive unlimited Swaps for red and yellow products, plus guaranteed 2 business day turnaround on all product submissions. To upgrade, tap the menu icon in the top left of the Discover tab and then select “Premium”. Swaps Hopefully you’ve had the […]

In this release, we’re excited to launch one of the most requested features in Spoonful history: Swaps! We know how frustrating it can be to scan product after product and not be met with a green result. Now, the next time you get a yellow or red scan, tap the Spoonful icon and our top […]

In this release, we’ve combined scans across dietary segments to make the Discover feed more useful to all Spoonful users. For context, before this release, the Discover feed only housed products scanned by users with the same diet. This meant less options for users who search and filter in newer segments like Vegan and Gluten […]

Getting FODMAPed is not fun. Take a deep breath and forgive yourself.  Keep in mind that an IBS flare up doesn’t last forever. This too shall pass. Don’t be discouraged, because this doesn’t bring you back to square one.  You simply get back on the horse and keep trotting along. FODMAP flare ups may last […]