Community Tab & User Profiles

Jan 1, 2021 - Spoonful

Community & User Profile Release - Spoonful

The latest app release allows you to introduce yourself to the community and see what products other shoppers are adding to their favorites. We also implemented a few data changes that improve our accuracy on low FODMAP and gluten-free scans.

Share a bit about yourself

Head to the Me tab and tap Edit to complete your profile.

Add a profile photo, bio, and any website that you’d like to promote. Then decide if you’d like others to see your scans and/or favorites.

By default, we made your favorites public and your scans private. We made favorites public with the idea that your list will inspire others to try new foods.

Dietitians! This is a great place to highlight your expertise by showcasing a list of your favorite products. You can also list your website so other members can find you.

Browse & search the community for recommendations

Looking for inspiration from likeminded shoppers? Head to the new Community tab and see what products other Spoonful members are adding to their favorites.

We grouped the Community tabs by country and diet, so you’re sure to find someone that matches your taste profile!

Data & coverage updates

New stores!

  • Trader Joe’s (US)*
  • Billion Vegans (US)
  • Cruelty Free Shop (ANZ)
  • NatureMart (ANZ)
  • Aussie Health Products (AU)

*Our coverage of Trader Joe’s is still limited (~1400 products), but you can now filter by this store in the Discover feed.

Gluten free

  • Ingredients like oats, which pose a high cross-contamination risk, will be flagged yellow unless the product is certified gluten free. This means oats will still be flagged even if a brand claims the product is gluten free.*
  • Improved our coverage of products that have been marked gluten free by the manufacturer.
  • Improved our coverage of gluten-free certified products.

Some exceptions apply.


  • We no longer flag “soy” or “soybean” in tempeh or firm tofu products.
  • We no longer flag “wheat” and “soy” in tamari or soy sauce products.
  • We no longer flag “chocolate” if a product is vegan or dairy-free.
  • We no longer flag “milk” if the product is sour cream.