Rao's Homemade Sensitive Formula Marinara Sauce

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Better than prego I love this pasta sauce...I was always making my own sauce, which I still don't mind, but this I so good and easy when too busy or lazy! It's true that it is I pricey, so I stalked up a little when I found it on saleTastyPantry StapleSavoryPricey
3 months ago
Definitely a passSo acidic and gross. Got this sauce due to the high praises others sang for it, but this Italian was highly disappointed.
6 months ago
It's goodFor low fodmap it's good. I prefer the Prego more for the taste however I can't find that anymore in my area. I use this for pasta and pizza Savory
7 months ago
Great pizza sauce I’ve tried it with pasta not a big fan but on a homemade pizza it compliments well.PriceyPantry Staple
8 months ago
Yummy, but pricey!We alternate between this and Prego Sensitive. Both are good, but Prego is more reasonably priced where I live. I really think how good the sauce is depends on the batch, because I’ve definitely had good and bland batches with each brand. I usually add a can of diced tomatoes to my Rao’s for chunky marinara and it’s really good!Good ValuePriceySavorySaltyTastyPantry Staple
9 months ago