Update: Product Reviews

Feb 3, 2021 - Spoonful

Spoonful Reviews

In the latest app release, we invite you to share your thoughts via Spoonful Reviews. Leaving a review is simple and helps other shoppers discover new products to try.

Reading Reviews

Reviews for each product will be housed in the new “Reviews” tab, which can be found by tapping or scanning a product. They consist of an average star rating (to the tenths place), rating count, and the actual reviews left by other shoppers. We’ve also created a number of preset tags to help you get a high level sense for how the product tastes and what users think about it.

Lastly, we’ve also added a Reviews section to the Me tab, where you can find all of the reviews you’ve written. You can also see what products your peers have reviewed by taking a peek at the Community tab.

Writing a Review

  1. Scan or tap any product and head over to the Reviews tab.
  2. Tap Write a Review. (Note: You must be signed in.)
  3. Give your review a star rating, tags, title, description. The more thorough the better!

We hope this update helps everyone discover something new today!