What is a Pescatarian Diet?

A pescatarian diet is an eating plan that removes all foods containing meat or poultry. Those who choose to be pescatarian do so for a variety of reasons. Some may choose to add fish to a vegetarian diet for the added heart-health benefits, while others may wish to minimize their environmental impact. For the rest, it might be simply a matter of taste. Eating pescatarian may lead to improved health outcomes including a lower risk of obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Keurig® Laura Secord® Vanilla Hot Chocolate Mix K-Cup® PODS

This product lists

2 ingredients

that may not be pescatarian.


Sugar, Coconut Oil, Modified Milk, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Artificial And Natural Flavour, Stevia Extract, Dipotassium Phosphate, Mono-and Diglycerides, Contains: Milk