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Yogurt Natural Durian

Ingredients: fresh cow milk, refined sugar, stabilizers (gelatine, e 471), durian powder, natural flavoring, natural coloring (e 160a(ii)), streptococcus thermophilus & lactobacius bulgaricus

Greek Yogurt

Ingredients: pasteurized skim milk, live active cultures (l, bulgaricus, s, thermophiles, l, acidophilus, b, lactis), fruit & chia base: hydrated chia (water, chia seeds), strawberries, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, purple carrot extract, citric ac

Thick & creamy dark cherry yogurt

Ingredients: milk, milk solids, cream, sugar, cherry (min 5,5%), water, thickeners, natural flavours, lemon juice concentrate, purple carrot concentrate, live yoghurt cultures (s,thermophilus, blactis&l,acidophilus), contains milk, dairy farmeo

Simply 100, Non Fat Greek Yogurt, Pineapple Coconut Blended

Ingredients: nonfat yogurt (cultured pasteurized nonfat milk, live and active cultures: s, thermophilus, l, bulgaricus, l, acidophilus, bifidus and l, casei), chicory root fiber, pineapple, water, evaporated cane juice, natural flavors, coconut, locust bean gum, pectin, monk fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, turmeric (for color)

Greek style yogurt apple & pear

Ingredients: milk, sugar, milk solids, fruit, apple, pear, apple juice, cream, thickeners (rice starch, pectin), natural flavours, lemon juice concentrate, live cultures

Chobani Greek Yogurt - Mandarin Low Fat

Ingredients: low-fat yogurt, skim milk, cream, s, thermophilus, l, bulgaricus, l, acidophilus, bifidus and l, casei, fruit on bottom, sugar, mandarin juice reconsituted , mandarin pulp , water, vegetable gums(pectin, locust bean gum), lemon juice concentrate, natural flavours)

Organic Yogurt Blackberry & Raspberry

Ingredients: organic milk, organic sugar, milk solids, organic blackberry, water, organic raspberry, orn starch, thickener (locust bean gum), natural flavour, purple carrot juice concentrate, food acid (citric acid), yogurt cultures, contains milk

Strawberry Greek yogurt

Ingredients: low fat yogurt, strawberry oats blend, skim milk, live yogurt cultures, water, sugar strawberry puree , oats , oat fibre, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavours, black carrot concentrate, vegetable gums (locust bean gum, guar gum)), contains milk and gluten (from oats)

Chobani Yogurt

Ingredients: skim milk, water, sugar, coconut, vegetable gums (pectin, locust bean gum), natural flavours, acidity regulators (malic acid, sodium citrate), mineral salt (calcicum citrate), live yogurt cultures

Organic Blueberry Burst Yogurt

Ingredients: organic milk, organic raw sugar, organic blueberries, organic cream, milk solids, organic milk solids, rice starch, natural blueberry flavour, pectin, natural colour (purple carrot concentrate), citric acid, live cultures (incl, probiotics acidophilus and bifidus)

Grade A Non Fat Yogurt

Ingredients: cultured pasteurized grade a nonfat milk, sugar, blueberries, modified corn starch, fructose, milk protein concentrate, blackberry puree, raspberry puree, kosher gelatin, natural flavors, gellan gum, fruit juice concentrate (for color), lemon juice concen

Easiro Yogurt

Ingredients: whote and skim milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin)), sugar, live lactic cultures (l,bulgaricus, s,thermophilus, lacidophilus), natural flavouring substance, natural colour (beetroot red)

Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt Coconut

Ingredients: whole milk, coconut preparation (cane sugar, water, coconut, corn starch, natural flavour, pectin, citric acid, milk mineral concentrate), cream, sugar, milk protein, bacterial culture.

Yoconut Organic Vanilla Coconut Yogurt

Ingredients: coconut milk (96%) [organic coconut cream (coconut extract, water), water), organic tapioca starch, organic vanilla bean paste (1.5%), live vegan cultures.

Morrisons Greek Style Yogurt

Ingredients: contains live culture, bifidobacterium lactis

Bolthouse Farms Classic Ranch Yogurt Dressing and Dip

Ingredients: buttermilk (cultured nonfat milk, milk, sodium citrate, vitamin a palmitate), filtered water, soybean oil, yogurt (cultured pasteurized milk, cream, pectin, carrageenan), white grape juice concentrate, whey protein concentrate, white distilled vinegar, contains 2% or less: egg yolks, mustard seed, natural flavors, salt, xanthan gum, dill, tomato essence.

Parent's Choice Strawberry Naturally Flavored Yogurt Bites Freeze-Dried

Ingredients: cultured reduced fat milk, pear juice concentrate, non fat dry milk, strawberry puree, less than 1.5% of: milk protein concentrate, natural flavors, gelatin, vegetable juice color, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), vitamin a acetate.

Lyttos Greek Style Light Natural Yogurt

Ingredients: skim milk, milk solids, cream (from milk), live yogurt cultures.

Trader Joe's Wild Salmon In Yogurt & Mint Sauce With Orzo Pasta, Spinach & Zucchini

Ingredients: raw salmon, orzo pasta (water, durum wheat semolina, salt), zucchini, spinach, water, yogurt (non-fat milk, cream, thickening agents: modified corn starch, xanthan gum, cultures), cherry tomatoes, butter (cream [milk]), modified starch (rice and/or corn and/or tapioca), shallots, lemon juice, mint, fish stock ([cod, water, salt], wheat maltodextrin, sunflower oil, white wine, onion powder, rice starch), canola oil, white wine (contains sulfites), salt, black pepper extract, parsley, chervil thickening agent: xanthan gum.

Olympic Yogurt

Ingredients: organic skim milk from grassfed cows, skim milk powder, active bacterial culture (including probiotic cultures lactobacillus acidophilus, b. lactic and lactobacillus paracasei).