How to interpret green, yellow, and red results

Once you’ve scanned a barcode, the resulting product name will be either green, yellow or red. This reflects our best estimate of the product’s FODMAP load at 1 serving. Learn more about how we analyze products.

Green products

If the product name is green, we believe it is low FODMAP at a reasonable serving size. This does not mean the product is completely void of FODMAPs, or that it wouldn’t be high FODMAP in larger portions. Make sure you’re always checking the label for serving size information and using the the Monash App in conjunction with Spoonful.

Green products with garlic, onion, or other high-FODMAP ingredients

If you’ve scanned a particular condiment or cheese product, you may notice that ingredients like garlic, onion and milk are not flagged. Don’t worry, this is by design!

Certain condiments like ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and sriracha in addition to certain low lactose cheeses like parmesan, Swiss, and cheddar have been tested low FODMAP at 1 serving despite having high-FODMAP ingredients. This is because these ingredients are in such low quantities that the product is unlikely to trigger IBS symptoms.

Certified products

If a product has been certified by FODMAP Friendly or Monash, we will indicate that in the text. In addition, FODMAP Friendly certified products will have their icon next to the product photo both in the results modal and Discover feed.

Yellow products

If the product name is yellow, it can be low, moderate, or high FODMAP at a reasonable serving size. We realize this leaves a lot to be desired, but hang in there!

If a product is yellow, that means it has one or more yellow ingredients. We mark each ingredient with the following icons to help you make an educated guess on its FODMAP content.

  • Measuring Cup: A reasonable serving of this ingredient is moderate FODMAP. You’ll want to double check these with the Monash app.
  • Meal Tray: FODMAP content depends on how this ingredient is prepared or treated. (Think fresh vs dried fruit or canned vs not canned beans.)
  • Pie Chart: FODMAP content depends on how this ingredient is refined or which part is consumed. (Think green onion bulbs vs tips or starches and oils vs the base food.)
  • Food Stack: FODMAP content of this ingredient depends on its sub ingredients. (Think *natural flavors” in savory vs sweet foods or ingredients like “vegetable fiber”, where it depends on which vegetables are used.)

*Note: “natural flavors” is only flagged in the US and UK

For more information on yellow icons, including product examples, check out this article.

Red products

If the product name is red, that food contains an ingredient that is high FODMAP at a reasonable serving size. We recommend avoiding these products unless they have been lab tested and approved by FODMAP Friendly or Monash.

If you see a product listed as red that you believe should be yellow or green, please flag it.

Top FODMAP ingredients in packaged foods

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