Why did a product change colors?

If you notice that a prior scan has changed colors from say, red to yellow or yellow to green, it means we have made a change to our dataset that has impacted how we classify it. We publish data updates ever 1-2 weeks and will always notify you by email when changes occur.

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Here are the main reasons why a product may be reclassified and change colors in the app:

  • An ingredient in the product has been tested or retested, and the FODMAP content has changed.
  • An ingredient in the product is considered an “exception”. For example, apple cider vinegar is green, even though it contains the word apple, which is red.
  • The product was certified by a third-party lab like Monash or FODMAP Friendly.
  • The product or product type was lab tested and deemed low FODMAP in reasonable serves (e.g. ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, almondmilk).
  • The product or product type is deemed low FODMAP by our FODMAP-trained dietitian team (e.g. some sourdough breads and cheeses).
  • The product was reformulated and has a new list of ingredients.
  • The product contained a data error (misspelling, incorrect ingredients, formatting, etc.).

As many of you know, the Low FODMAP Diet is ever evolving. New ingredients are always being tested and new rules are constantly being applied. This in mind, we will always do our best to keep up with the latest theory and test results, so you have the most accurate readings possible.

If you see a product change colors between the Discover feed and when you tap on it, this is a bug. Please report it by tapping the flag icon and sending us a message.