Low FODMAP Plant Based

Low FODMAP Vegetarian: How to Achieve Balance, Taste & Proper Nutrition

Are you a vegetarian who was recently diagnosed with IBS? If so, you may be wondering if it’s possible to combine the low FODMAP diet with a vegetarian lifestyle. The answer is yes, but as you can imagine, it does require a little extra work. You have probably noticed that many vegetarian staple foods are […]


Is Soy Low FODMAP? IBS Shopper’s Guide to Soy-Based Products

Native to Asia, soy is a popular legume that has been a traditional food staple for thousands of years. The humble soybean plays a huge role in today‚Äôs food production and is considered a miracle crop due to its amazing versatility. Soy can be low, moderate, or high FODMAP depending on bean maturity, serving size, […]