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Get instant feedback on a product's FODMAP content. See results in a simple green, yellow, red format.

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Read up on a flagged ingredient and find IBS-friendly substitutes. All notes are checked and double-checked by our clinician team.

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Check out what other low FODMAP eaters are scanning and add what looks good to your Favorites.

Our Promise

Enabled by technology, perfected by clinicians

Spoonful is one part technology, two parts dietary expertise. We know how tricky the low-FODMAP diet can be. That's why we've assembled an international team of gut health experts to help you find great products and take control of your IBS symptoms.

Dr. Anita Ahuja, MD

Pediatric gastroenterology specialist, USA

Joanna Baker, APD

Digestive health accredited practising dietitian, Australia

Vanessa Vargas, RD

Registered dietitian and IBS specialist, USA

Audrey Inouye, RD

Monash trained registered dietitian, Canada

Liz McMahon, RD

Registered dietitian and gut health specialist, USA

Jas Saurai, RD

Registered dietitian and IBS specialist, UK

"The Spoonful App offers a quick and efficient way to read labels and make good choices while integrating the low-FODMAP diet. Combined with the Monash and FODMAP Friendly apps, consumers have the tools they need to more safely navigate the supermarket.”

Dédé Wilson & Robin Jaffin

Co-Founders of FODMAP Everyday®

"When my doctor first told me I was starting the low-FODMAP diet, I was nervous. Luckily, Spoonful turned shopping from a nightmare to a breeze. Now I don’t have to read every single ingredient and hope I don’t miss any. I can simply scan the barcode and move on. Thank you for making eating easy again!"

Travis @travisjkehoe

Los Angeles, CA

“Finding safe food options on the low-FODMAP diet can be exhausting and stressful. It’s also embarrassing when you're at the grocery store reading every label. Spoonful has made the diet so much easier. Being able to scan a product and know right away if it’s compliant has been a lifesaver!”

Olivia @livwelleatwell

Chicago, IL

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